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© Chihoi. 原刊於19/7/2008太陽報

English: “Collector”
1. Look! Someone has thrown away a little stool in the trash depot! 2. Very well crafted! / Nowadays fewer and fewer furniture made with tenon. This stool is just slightly broken. Let’s take it! 3. Comfortable! Height good for me too! / Sturdy? / Yes! 4. Aha! Biblia just fits in it! / Meow!



© Chihoi. 原刊於18/7/2008太陽報

English: “Distance”
2. Why? When the bus moves on, the outside falls behind, but the moon still follows us? 3. That’s what distance is. Things far apart would just follow you. 4. Isn’t it amazing?



© Chihoi. 原刊於13/7/2008太陽報

English: “My Cat” (Dedicated to my beloved cat who’s just passed away.)
1. Although Biblia doesn’t listen to me… / Come and jump! 2. And she disturbs my doing homework… 3. And she sleeps but not plays with me… 4. I still love her very much.


© Chihoi. 原刊於4/7/2008太陽報

English: “Little Universe”
4. What are you doing, Fa Fa? / I’m observing the micro-organisms in the water!


© Chihoi. 原刊於29/6/2008太陽報

English: “After Typhoon”
1. After typhoon, branches often break and they hang in the middle of the air. / They may fall and hit the people. 2. Look! So big, still it breaks! / So heavy I can’t move it! 3. Hmm… leaving it 3 or 4 years when it dries completely, we can make some woodwork with it. / Ladles, spoons, pens, clips… / And I want block toys! 4. Papa, 3 or 4 years later will I be tall like this?


© Chihoi. 原刊於21/6/2008太陽報

English: “Good Classmate”
1. Bye bye! 2. How was today? / Oh I’ve forgot my umbrella! 3. (Beep!) / Fa Fa! Your umbrella! / Great! Thank you! 4. (flop) / Ha!


© Chihoi. 原刊於15/6/2008太陽報

English: “Exchange Gifts”
1. Papa, I’ve drawn a picture for you! / This is the one I gave you last year on Father’s Day. / And this one is for this year! 2. I’ve drawn you a picture too! This is from last year; / And this is for this year! / 3. I haven’t changed much in the picture you draw. But you’ve grown much in the picture! 4. Woo, am I going to die soon? / How come? There…