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© Chihoi. 原刊於7/11/2008太陽報

English: “New dish every meal”
1. Economy downfall, we have to think budget-wise… 2. Where you going, Fa Fa? 3. Surprise of the month: Fa Fa’s Organic Bean Sprout! / I grew them in school! 4. So nice! Now we have new dish every meal! / It’s so nice to have you!



© Chihoi. 原刊於11/10/2008太陽報

English: “Left and right hands”
1. Oh, Right Hand, do you like me? / Yes! 2. Let’s be together! / Ok! 3. Fa Fa, don’t take the chopsticks with both hands. 4. Ok! / Seperated…


© Chihoi. 原刊於5/10/2008太陽報

English: “Got it wrong”
1. Papa, look! The pen is straight. 2. But when I shake it this way it becomes curly. 3. You try? / Me? Ok! 4. I am straight. And when I shake myself I become curly! / Haha! No! I was asking you to try with my pen!