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© Chihoi. 原刊於11/9/2009太陽報

English: “Ping-Pong Star”
2. Huh! / Wow! 3. Haven’t you seen it fall? / Not here neither…  4. Look at that shining star so bright! I bet it’s the ping-pong ball you hit up there! / Ha! It’s called Ping-Pong Star! I wanna fly to hit it!



© Chihoi. 原刊於19/6/2009太陽報

English: “A Scene in the Rain”
1. Wow! 2. Papa! Look! 3. The clouds flying so low, covering the buidlings! 4. If I lived there, I could have lived on the clouds! / Ha! I’d rather not – I could see nothing from above!